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Whether you slipped on the job or were in an automobile accident, the experienced team at Spinal Health Care of Orlando helps you recover from a personal injury. Marie Cayo, DC, helps men, women, and children get relief from pain with a custom treatment plan. If you need compassionate care after a personal injury, call the Orlando or Kissimmee, Florida, clinic to book an appointment or use the online scheduler.

Personal Injury Q & A

What is a personal injury?

A personal injury occurs when the negligence or wrongful act of someone else hurt you. Personal injuries apply to your body, mind, and emotions, but not your property.

Examples of ways you can receive a personal injury include:

  • Slips, falls, and trips
  • Automobile or motorcycle accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Injuries due to product defects
  • Workplace accident
  • Medical malpractice

It’s important to seek medical and chiropractic care at Spinal Health Care of Orlando as soon as your injury occurs. Early treatment often prevents future complications.

What are some common personal injuries?

Some of the common personal injuries that your Spinal Health Care of Orlando chiropractor treats are:

Dr. Cayo thoroughly investigates to determine the exact source of your pain so she can treat the root cause and help you recover your quality of life.

Why should I see a chiropractor after a personal injury?

Most personal injuries impact your body and are most often the result of a fall, collision, or some type of physical impact. This results in injuries like back pain, whiplash, neck pain, lumbar strains, thoracic sprains, musculoskeletal disorders, and soft tissue pain. Dr. Cayo is specifically trained and has more than a decade of experience treating these types of injuries.

How does a chiropractor treat personal injuries?

Immediately following your accident, you should be evaluated at an emergency medical center to ensure that your injuries aren’t life-threatening. Then, visit Spinal Health Care of Orlando.

Alternatively, if your injury is from a past accident and you have not recovered, Dr. Cayo can help you find relief from pain and restore your quality of life.

To relieve your pain and restore your function, Dr. Cayo evaluates the exact source of your pain and customizes a plan that may include:

  • Spinal manipulation
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy

Every personal injury case is different and requires a tailored chiropractic care plan. Depending on your needs and the severity of your injuries, Dr. Cayo may have you come in a few times each week or schedule you for weekly or monthly visits.

With a custom plan, you’ll know exactly what to expect. As your health and movement improve, Dr. Cayo adjusts your plan and transitions you to some self-guided exercises and therapy you can do at home.

If you have back or neck pain or have been in an automobile accident, see Spinal Health Care of Orlando for a personal injury evaluation. Call the office to schedule now or use the online scheduling feature.